Imperial MEA is associated with professional logistic support from leading shipping network lines enabling easy access around the world. Shipments are dispatched through various means depending on the type of cargo, please note that vehicles shipped can be through closed containers, Ro-Ro vessels, car carriers if its overland transport. Spare parts however is shipped in closed containers only by air shipments (like Emirates Sky Cargo, DHL, UPS, FedEx or any leading cargo carriers).

Our products which includes brand new or used left or right hand drive vehicles in both passenger and commercial categories, or vehicle spare parts for any brand and of any type, or Oleochemical based products such as soap noodles, glycerin, palm oil, palmosalt, animal fatty acids, or fresh Seychelles fisheries cargo’s essential legal documentation like Bill of Lading, Clearance Certificates etc shall be sent through DHL or FedEx once the cargo is dispatched. We can arrange inspections for safety and quality of your vehicle should it be required by your country.

With this mind, ordering your vehicle or a spare part, or our other products is just a click away from anywhere in the world, with this ease its our responsibility to make sure your order reaches to your destination safely without a delay or damage. Logistics operations worldwide to major ports in the world, individual or corporate orders can be done earliest possible with our global leading network of ship chandlers, making sure we deliver you your vehicles sooner than your expectation.


Our inspiration at Imperial MEA has always been our core business values and the determination to expand in the field of general trading which includes Oleochemical products from Malaysia, foodstuff trading in fresh Seychelles fisheries, and automotive spare parts of all kinds of vehicles and brands, apart from new and used vehicles that we have been experienced trading since 25 years in the Middle East.


At Imperial Motors, we believe in building healthy business relationships and not just simply selling products to customers and end of story. We are persistent to make our customers happy and not just before the deal but even after buying from us we will continue to provide you with viable support that you may require regarding your product. Fully satisfied after sales service is our modus operandi, by this we mean that Imperial Motors will offer you the best possible prices which are far more reasonable than that of our competitors in the market!