Imperial MEA | General Trading Company

Automotive and Vehicles

Brand new and used cars, (be limited about used cars and tell that they are only for export, arranged upon request), Electric Vehicles (mention our website) Specialized Car conversion services

Imperial MEA is your one-stop destination for both Brand New Cars and Used Cars in Dubai. We offer a wide range of Brand New Vehicles, providing you with the latest models and cutting-edge technology. For those interested in Used Cars for Export, we exclusively cater to the export market outside Dubai upon request, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Embracing the future of transportation, we also specialize in Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Dubai. Explore our extensive collection at, your go-to source for Luxurious Electric Cars.

But that’s not all. Imperial MEA goes beyond standard offerings with specialized Car Conversion Services, including Ambulance Conversion, Dump Truck Conversion, RHD to LDH conversion and more, available on our website Whether you need a custom vehicle or a trusted source for Brand New Cars, Used Cars for Export, or EVs, Imperial MEA has you covered.

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